Office of GOA STATE WETLAND AUTHORITY is temporarily shifted to Goa State Pollution Control Board, Saligao, Bardez - Goa.

Goa State Wetland Authority

Goa State Wetland Authority (GSWA) is a body of Government of Goa constituted as per Wetland (Conservation and Management) Rules 2017 and as per the provision made in Part II – Sec. 3 (i) Rule 5 (1) of “The Gazette of India : Extraordinary”. The State Government of Goa constituted the Goa State Wetland Authority in the year 2016, (Corrigendum No. GSWA/2017-18/WC/013/026/836 in Official Gazette of Government of Goa. Dated: 09th February 2018) Goa State Biodiversity Board (GSBB) is the Nodal Agency for GSWA, situated in the premises of Department of Science, Technology and Environment, Saligao, Bardez- Goa.

The Authority work under the Chairpersonship of Hon'ble Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Shri. Nilesh Cabral, Director for Environment and Climate Change, Dr. Geeta Nagvenkar as the Member Secretary of GSWA and Dr. Pradip Sarmokadam Member Secretary Goa State Biodiversity Board as the Head of Nodal Agency for GSWA.

The Goa State Wetland Authority is acting on the following lines to achieve the goal:
  • Prepare a list of all wetlands of the State to be identified and notified
  • Develop a comprehensive list of activities to be regulated and permitted within the notified wetlands and their zone of influence
  • Define strategies for conservation and wise use of wetlands within their jurisdiction; wise use being a principle for managing these ecosystems which incorporates sustainable uses (such as capture fisheries at subsistence level or harvest of aquatic plants) as being compatible with conservation, if ecosystem functions (such as water storage, groundwater recharge, flood buffering) and values (such as recreation and cultural) are maintained or enhanced
  • Review integrated management plan for each of the notified wetlands and within these plans consider continuation and support to traditional uses of wetlands and pre-existing rights which are harmonized with ecological character of wetlands
  • In cases wherein lands within boundary of notified wetlands or wetlands complex have private tenancy rights, recommend mechanisms for maintenance of ecological character through promotional activities
  • Issue necessary directions for conservation and sustainable management of wetlands to the respective implementing agencies
  • Undertake measures for enhancing awareness within stakeholders and local communities on values and functions of wetlands

Goa State Wetlands Authority